Betfair Tennis Trading Tips – Wimbledon Women’s Final 2013

Saturday’s Tips: Women’s Final, Men’s Doubles Final.

Welcome everyone to Day 12 of Wimbledon. 

All times are UK/Irish and are subject to change:

1. 15:15 – Bryans v Dodig/Melo

As good as Dodig and Melo have played so far, I feel they will end as
runners up today!

Back Bryans@1.22, lay@1.1

You can consider this for BH if you wish provided there is liquidity.
It is better to delay the trading to fetch better prices!

If Bryans have taken a huge lead consider laying them at very low odds!

2. 14:00 – Lisicki v Bartoli

Back Lisicki@1.5, lay@1.25

The only reason I’m going for Lisicki early is due to her serves. If
Bartoli stays as consistent as she has done in her previous match,
this will be a tricky encounter for Lisicki. However, delaying is highly
recommended for this match and could prove very productive!

Definitely consider a fightback from Bartoli if she has lost the first
set easily. A few years ago she made one of the biggest comebacks in
her career by beating Justine Henin. I wouldn’t be surprised if that
story is repeated today!

Good luck!

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  • john knight Posted July 6, 2013 10:48 am

    Hi patrick any chance of a brief glimpse into the typical trading day of you kind sir.for instance at the start of a comp with say 12 selections, how do you whittle it down for your day?….or do you simply choose a couple and go with that……..jk

    • Patrick Ross Posted July 6, 2013 12:19 pm

      Hi John..To state the obvious, I go with the hot tips first and trade those matches, and any I feel are worth Backing Heavy. Other than that, my main criteria is starting time. Like many people, I cant trade all day because of the website and family commitments so these factors also play a role.
      If some of my tips start at the same time, I will generally wait out the first few minutes of those matches and then judge which I feel will be the most profitable. I don’t want to regret choosing one over the other, although this still sometimes happens!

  • Silvana Siskov Posted July 6, 2013 10:13 pm

    Hi Patrick, in relation to your reply above to John where you said that you decide after a few minutes of play what matches are most profitable and then you trade only those matches. I’d like to know what helps your judgement? What are the main things that we should be looking at? Also, I’d like to know if you always put same amount of money for small stakes and same amount for high stakes, or it depends on what’s happening in the match? Thanx.

    • Patrick Ross Posted July 7, 2013 11:39 am

      Hi Silvana,
      What I said was, if there are several matches starting at the same time, I wait a few minutes before deciding which one to trade. The main criteria for choosing is waiting for a favourite player to start badly and then back them at the higher price. I know that sounds somewhat counter intuitive but it’s a good strategy.
      I use 10% of my bank on small stakes, and around 30% on higher stakes matches. And yes, it depends what’s happening in the match! Even a slight injury concern means I will not Back Heavy. If a player I tip walks out on court with his ankle taped up, I stay clear! That’s why I always advise Backing Heavy if you can watch the match live.

  • john knight Posted July 7, 2013 10:41 am

    Cheers for that……

    I found the womens final very frustrating,and very sad that the potential winner by a mile should completely break down after game 3 of the first set………having beaten the no one in the world, radwanska no 4,two of the best currently,amazed she then just could not play tennis full stop till the last 3 out of 4 games of the match.

    Maybe a case for the woman playing 5 sets in the majors, i do feel lisicki would have come back into the match had she had chance.The typical scenario of its was over before it had chance to get going comes to mind, and 1.6 million quid to the winner here is not on when we consider what will take place at 2pm today in the mens singles.Equal rights here please,earn your 1.6 million,1hr and a quarter……..

    Billy jean i believe wants the mens game to eventually only be 3 sets so they can sustain less injuries and prolong there careers into there thirties for the top guys.What a load of drivel.The top player women now need to step up to the plate and play 5 sets in majors, its becoming very one sided in finals.

  • john knight Posted July 7, 2013 11:08 am

    The mens final today is the reason i personally watch tennis,i feel djokovic is mentally stronger purely because he has the wimbledon trophy under his belt, and Murry has yet to get that off his back.He also has yet to beat him in 5 sets on grass.

    My thoughts are he needs to beat djokovick in 4 sets otherwise it could be more of the heartbreak scenario,but heres hoping he has a good match.The crowd will be a huge factor in this,I doubt either player will feel anything but pumped up for anothe gladiators battle, so the being tired factor will not be there.I read a post after the Ausie final between Nadal and Djok this year,and the poster said Nadal looked tired and handed it to Djok………..unreal post i thought, having played near 6 hrs who would not be fatigued, the pair of them near collapsing during the presentation……what true athletes these top four are…we should all appreciate whats going on at the moment because such rivalry and closeness of matches will not last for ever,we are very privileged.

  • john knight Posted July 8, 2013 9:19 am

    funny match the mens final yesterday,i initially went in at 1.89 on djok after being broken.Then i sat and watched neither player hold onto there serve back and too.I then backed djok at 2.04,…2.34….3.75…..and 4.9 hoping for just a hint of a comeback,thankfuly that happened in the third and i greened up for a 60 profit……just as an after thought at 5/4 i laid Murray for 200 at 1.01 and 100 at 1.02…….and low and behold he managed two break points in the last game,i then traded out and secured an extra 20…….I then wrapped it up and went to the pub.ha.

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